Our Teams

The SASS logo, an angry Sasquatch


The SASS is our Women's Charter team, or our All Star team. They are our most highly competitive team and are WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) ranked. 

Skaters on the SASS work hard to earn their roster positions through a series of rigorous try outs.

The Yetis logo, a yeti creature


The Yetis is our Women's Home team. Though they are not WFTDA ranked, they still play highly competitively in their roller derby games. They also occasionally travel to play other B and C level teams in the inland northwest. 

Abominations Logo, an abominable snowman


Roller derby has traditionally been a women's sport, but we aren't all about doing things how they have always been done. The Abominations is our Men's Roller Derby team. 


Quad Forsaken

Quad Forsaken is our Open Gender Team.  They have an amazing record of only ever losing two games. They are always fun to watch and even more fun to skate with! 



We couldn't play our amazing sport without this most important of all teams: Officials.  These are all volunteer positions. 

Roller Derby has two types of officials: Non Skating Officials (NSOs) and Skating Officials (Refs). They make it so that we can safely play our sport and record our scores and statistics. 



New Blood

These are our newest team members. 

We have a great training program for new skaters who want to learn derby. Level 1 teaches basic skating skills. Level 2 teaches pack skating, hitting, and blocking skills. 

These new skaters aren't skating in games yet, but they are a huge part of our league!